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An Entrepreneurial Dream

In 1976, Dr. Ronald Rohadfox, a civil engineer with a decade of experience at leading firms and mentorship from industry stalwarts, founded his own company, Construction Control Services. He established his legacy on the west coast, spending the early years teaching his children about the importance of project controls in heavy infrastructure.

A Global Reach

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Dr. Rohadfox spent his formative years developing innovative solutions for global infrastructure challenges. During this period, he forged a significant partnership with World Bank and USAID. His projects included creating transportation and water solutions in Afghanistan, Pakistan & Africa. As the company expanded across the US, he ventured into the aviation sector by enhancing the LAX airport facilities in preparation for the 1984 Olympics.



Pioneering Leader

Over the past four decades, the Rohadfox team has developed a name for themselves as visionary experts in the industry. Over the years, they have expanded their services and markets from project controls to project management, safety, and civil design. Today, this highly knowledgeable and skilled team is regarded as one of the best in the nation. 

Women Owned & Women Lead

Today, the legacy continues, Joy Rohadfox, Ronald's daughter carries the firm’s reach with global projects. As a woman on the forefront, Joy inspires the entire industry to embrace diversity and inclusion. Most recently, the team was awarded the expansion of LAX in preparation for the 2028 Olympics. A true, full circle moment.