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Shinning the Rohadfox light on William O'Cain

“Mr. O’Cain has embraced, and excelled in, the CM leadership activities and responsibilities for the ATL West Parking Deck project”. 

  • James Pantina, former Director – CMSS

When we think of the role of a team player, often we think of an individual without any hidden agenda and someone who works well within a group. William O’cain is the epitome of a team player. He focuses on the common agenda which is the completion of a successful project. 

This month RCCSC would like to acknowledge Resident Engineer William O’cain. His experience has made him a critical member of providing his expert knowledge and guidance on airport requirements to aid in overall planning and organization. William O’cain demonstrates a high level of initiative in ensuring that the project is moving forward. Currently William is serving as the Resident Engineer for the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – West Parking Deck project.


Project Name:

Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International Airport West Parking Deck

Market Sector:


The Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International Airport West parking deck will also serve as additional parking when the domestic terminal parking decks are demolished and rebuilt in coming years

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